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Dave Heffernan PortraitWe all have bad days – but those that have heard David’s story could be forgiven for thinking that he has suffered over 28 yrs of ‘Bad Days’.  Then, you hear him speak and realise that this is no ordinary human being.

David, takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and life experiences: He will show you how facing adversity is something that should be embraced and is actually part of the game we call life.  Once we have made a simple change to our thought process when going through adverse times, people will understand that good times are only round the corner.

David, has gone through some extremely tough times: He will show you how living rough at the age of 16 still did not stop him from achieving his goals (and they were huge goals)

He will talk you through how being arrested for a crime he did not commit at the age of 18 gave him a wonderful lesson in how we should not pre-judge people.

He will explain how even being diagnosed with a serious degenerative muscle wasting and lung disorder has not held him down, and he is now drug free, running several successful business and has stunned even the consultants who had written him off to life in a wheelchair / being bed ridden.

These are just some of the life changing life stories that David has endured, yet he has met each one with a unique outlook.

David wants to give you all the opportunity to change your mindset on adversity and how dancing with your fears is the route too success.

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